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    Unusual Unica bucks business blogging routine, retires blog

    Posted by David Karp on October 11, 2007

    Sometimes the tone here at the ‘Slice can be a little down. So few businesses seem to know what they’re doing with social media marketing, so many techniques are overblown, so much to criticize. But the other day, I ran across evidence that some people are getting it, and doing something about it.

    After a bit more than a year, Unica is retiring their corporate blog. CMO Carol Meyers writes, with my emphasis:

    Why are we ending The Marketers’ Consortium? The Marketers’ Consortium did meet our initial goals (no, this is not sugar-coating for the public view). We have actually had more visitors than we ever anticipated and a steady stream of regular readers. But when we weighed the return to Unica and value to our customers against the investment of time and resources, we realized the blog was not the wisest investment for us right now.

    Brava, I say! Way to go for recognizing an underwhelming program and conserving your resources for more impactful things. Too many blog for no reason other than they think they should, then keep blogging because they don’t want to look like quitters. You can substitute all kinds of things for “blog” and “blogging” in that line.

    That said, I think Unica did it pretty much right. They chose a topic close to their business and they got good writers to add good content. And they measured it. Given the line of business they’re in, it would be pretty embarrassing not to, but many cobblers’ children run barefoot out there. As you mull this lesson and ask yourself if blogs are right for your business, I’ll leave you with Unica’s three blogging lessons:

    1) Blogs may not rock your world

    2) Blogs are not free

    3) Blogs should deliver a return on investment

    Study them and learn.


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