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    30 Days: Social Media Odyssey

    Posted by fmdays on June 23, 2008

    We’ve moved

    Find us at www.tangyslice.com

    There is a social media site for virtually anything you can imagine. After a recent conversation with limeduck about staking claim to your digital brand, I decided to test his premise Morgan Spurlock style. For the next 30 days, I will explore the impact of living the social media dream.

    Here are my rules of engagement:

    1. Sign up for as many social media sites as possible.

    2. Register for each as Tangyslice, a middle aged man desperately seeking social media coolness.

    3. Place a link or badge on my personal blog for each new site I join.

    4. Solicit site suggestions from friends and colleagues. I can be reached at tangy [at] tangyslice dot com (or @tangyslice if you prefer Twitter) if you have any suggestions.

    5. Blog frequently about the experience.

    To make this more than just another inane attempt at online greatness, I will be raising money for my kids’ elementary school through the Brackett School PTA in Arlington MA. I am personally pledging $1 for every registration and hope that others will support my cause on my online fundraising page. I am setting my goal for 100 sites.

    Wish me luck.


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    Confessions of a Social Media Junkie

    Posted by fmdays on June 21, 2008

    We’ve moved

    Find us at www.tangyslice.com

    Alright, I have a confession to make. I recently traded an online poker hobby (an addiction according to my wife) for a quest for the perfect social media experience. This is my story.

    My first “taste” of social media started innocently enough about seven years ago when I signed up for Plaxo. You remember Plaxo – that simple website that allowed you to sync your Outlook contacts online. It was a godsend when I changed jobs that year and didn’t want to get caught in Outlook/spreadsheet formatting/exporting/importing hell. After I solved that problem, I promptly forgot about them. I know there’s PlaxoPulse but it looks like its going end up a bridesmaid.

    About 18 months later, I started to see my first connection requests for LinkedIn. They came from some quality people so I had to join. Fast forward five years and a couple of hundred LinkedIn contacts later, I have a pretty nice virtual Rolodex complete with downloadable Vcards. Feeling pretty good about this, the MIT InfiniteConnection and sundry email accounts, I didn’t feel the need to go shopping for any new tools to “manage” my friends.

    Boom. Enter the Web 2.0 explosion. “You have to be on Facebook” says one friend. “No, it’s Twitter where the really important people hang out”, says another. “You need FriendFeed to make sense of it all”, the Twitterati scream.

    In this process, I have discovered that 2008 in the Web 2.0 world (do people still use this term?) is analogous to 1900 in the auto industry. We are witnessing an era of incredible innovation with social media companies forming for every imaginable niche interest group. As a student of technology evolution, it will be fascinating to see that magic moment when the dominant design emerges (or maybe it already has?) and we see the obvious winners and losers.

    Until then, I am going to keep on signing up for new sites and staking claim to my online persona (who is this @tangyslice guy anyways?) in as many channels as possible. Who knows, the next winner is likely to be the one with a funny sounding 5 letter name who figures out that I just want an easy way to connect with the people important to me and colleagues interested in following my path in life. Sounds simple right? We’ll see…

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    Social Media and Microblogging: Twitter

    Posted by fmdays on May 20, 2008

    Did I tell you I love Twitter?

    Who knew 140 character random musings could bring so much pleasure.

    Did I tell you I love Twitter?

    I already have 14 people following me including Obama, Clinton and MC Hammer!

    Did I tell you I love Twitter?

    Who knew my Firstgiving colleagues from the UK also enjoy late afternoon chocolate breaks?

    Did I tell you I love Twitter?

    Or that my short attention span syndrome can be treated with microblogging?

    Did I tell you I love Twitter?

    Either way, everyone who’s anyone is Twittering. Why aren’t you?


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    Happy Podcampers Converge on Boston

    Posted by David Karp on October 19, 2007

    podcamplogo.pngNext week will be a real test of the Team Tangy’s Web 2.0 cred as we join the Boston podcasting community (the poderati?) at the second annual podcamp Boston. We take some local pride that Boston seems to have been first with podcamp. Even though Tangy Slice is so far silent, we do enjoy our podcasts once in a while.

    If you love podcasting, you should go. If you have no idea what podcasting is, you still might want to go. It’s free and you can soak up some cool tunes. Frank and I are hoping to connect with the business end of the poderati and hear about some real B2B applications. Perhaps we’ll see you there.

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    Some atwitter

    Posted by David Karp on October 6, 2007

    While Frank was wading into the trenches of the Facebook vs Linkedin wars (my personal scorecard: jobs scored through Facebook: 0, dates scored through Linkedin: 0) I was trying to to figure out what the heck is the deal with this Twitter thing. Everybody is talking about it and nobody over a certain age seems to have any idea what the fuss is all about.

    Twitter is a site that lets you very easily post a brief statement of whatever you’re doing at that particular moment. (my first post was “joining twitter”) You can update this as often as you like and you can look at what other people are doing at that moment or what they’ve been doing recently. You can “follow’ people to receive a feed of what they’re up to on an ongoing basis. There are some tools that let you use Twitter from mobile phones and let you implant Twitter information in other sites, including Facebook. (Where, by the way, the entirely of Twitter’s functionality is available in just one of the hundreds of widgets available. More of Facebook later)

    I might not be explaining this very well, but please take my word for it, this is terribly, terribly, addictive and could easily soak up all the spare time in the universe. How? Why? You’ll just have to try it.

    By way of example, I present the Twitter profile of one Sockington. According to his (?) bio, “I am Jason Scott’s Cat.” As of this writing, Sockington says “Can’t talk now. Too busy licking.” and has 86 followers. Make that 87. At this rate, by the end of the year easily 100 people will have signed up to know what Jason’s cat is doing right now.

    What does this mean for businesses? Besides that you should seriously consider banning your employees from using it at work, not much that I can figure out. There seems to be nothing on Twitter that even smells like a business model or a way to monetize the millions of hypnotized followers they seem to have acquired. But if you can create a platform where people post information multiple times a day and check that information almost constantly, you’ve definitely got something of value on your hands.

    Let’s think a little more outside this admittedly squsihy box. Is there a place in a business setting or more importantly in b2b marketing for this kind of ultrapresence? It’s nice to know which of your co-workers is online or out of the office using your IM tool or intranet application. Would it be helpful to know that at this particular instant, Janice in accounting is “working on that jerk David’s unintelligible expense report?” Maybe. I’m sure there are control freak managers who would love it.

    But what if you could get that kind of immediate feedback on business transactions? Like FedEx tracking but even more granular? 11:52am, your package is being crushed under 44 other packages in the back of a hot truck stuck in traffic on 128 South. 2:35pm, your payment is earning interest for the bank before its actually credited to the vendor. 3:48pm, your CRM consultant is closing out his day-trading positions.

    The trouble with Twitter is that you have to actually spend the time to tell it what you’re doing, which is an inherent drag on productivity. When people are busy in real life, they use Twitter less, but when they are bored at their computers, they can update it all day.

    My modest proposal for business Twitter (bwitter? twib2ber? Frank, what’s our budget for buying domain names?) certainly depends on information systems putting the real-time status into the system without wasting workers’ time, but what’s to stop people from wasting their time looking at this matrix-like feed of nanoinformation?

    Will Twitter ever be more than a time-sink? Will business find a use for it? Stay tuned…

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    B2B Social Media Mogul

    Posted by fmdays on September 30, 2007

    It is hard to ignore LinkedIn and its 10 million-plus users. It seems like a day doesn’t pass without an old college classmate, former coworker or late night business school study group partner reconnecting via LinkedIn.


    What I like about LinkedIn:

    1. Easy access to vCards for the most important nodes of my professional network. I can forget about Outlook Contacts when I have a virtual repository that is always up-to-date. (What happened to Plaxo?)
    2. “Who has viewed your profile” – Despite the uncertainty of who exactly viewed my profile, I am always curious about why the random person from random company is “checking me out”. Many times it is the precursor to an invitation from that long lost friend or colleague.
    3. “People you may know” – I marvel at the their power to predict people who I already may know. They range from a roommate of my Marketing Analyst to a candidate I interviewed six months ago. In the end, I can see how the more nodes in the network make it a more powerful tool. This is also a creative way to get me to link with additional people.

    LinkedIn proves social media can work in the B2B world. If history repeats itself, we’ll see many more innovative sites like LinkedIn that capture the attention of millions of career-oriented B2B types.

    Any site that you like?

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