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  • Selecting a Web 2.0 PR Agency (Part II)

    Posted by fmdays on June 9, 2008

    We’ve moved

    Find us at www.tangyslice.com

    Based on the criteria from my previous post, we made the following short list of candidates:

    • PerkettPR (referral from friend at ConstantContact)
    • KEL and Partners (found them Googling)
    • Topaz (Limeduck worked with them before and raved about working with @DougH)
    • Version 2 Communications (Got recent LinkedIn connection from old colleague Rob Halpin who is working for Maura FitzGerald’s new agency)
    • Waggener Edstrom (family friend Jon Bornstein just landed there)

    Here are some of the other well known Boston PR firms that we knew about but didn’t consider:

    • Schwartz Communications
    • PAN Communications
    • Shift Communications

    These were under the category of “old school firms I have worked with in the past or knew their reputation”.

    Stay tuned for more info about how we evaluated each firm.


    9 Responses to “Selecting a Web 2.0 PR Agency (Part II)”

    1. Hi David,
      This is a really interesting idea! Please ignore yesterday’s email, sent to you and Frank. I’ll just catch up with you by reading your blog posts!

    2. David said

      Hi Maura

      Tangyslice was a joint venture for a while, but Frank has bought out my shares. I’ll be building my media empire over at http://www.limeduck.com


    3. Dying to know who you choose and why.

    4. Parry said

      Too bad you didn’t consider us, but I want to make one small clarification. SHIFT is hardly “old school,” though we still do traditional PR.

      But two weeks ago we were named “New Media Agency of the Year” at the Sabre Awards in New York. We created the first Social Media Release template and Social Media Newsroom. And so much more. Do a quick google search on “Social media” and “SHIFT Communications” and I think you’ll be surprised.

      I wish you luck in your search, but just wanted to help you better understand how we might be categorized, moving forward :)

    5. Just to add one quick note to the comment left by my colleague, Parry: Doug Haslam (a.k.a. DougH) left Topaz and now works at SHIFT’s Boston office. :)

    6. […] you’ve been following Tangy Slice’s series on Selecting a Web 2.0 PR Agency. Part one is here. [update: part III just published!] Upon return from a recent trip to London, […]

    7. sandrar said

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      Selecting a Web 2.0 PR Agency (Part II) « A Tangy Slice of Web 2.0

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